2018: The year of the Tuna Fish

2018: The year of the Tuna Fish

It’s officially 2019 and we’re in a reminiscent mood! We felt that it was not only completely necessary but also perfectly appropriate to recap everything that happened throughout the year. 2018 was an incredible time for us here at Tunafish, from implementing effective social media campaigns to creating videography projects that are out of this world – we’ve been there and we’ve done that.

We don’t mean to brag, but we’re incredibly proud of the work we produced over the past 12 months and are looking forward to 2019 (and fully intend to bring all our creativity with us). So, without further ado, here is a peep into our 2018 and what we achieved!

Social Media Campaigns

Another day, another exciting campaign! That’s how we felt throughout 2018, anyway. From projects such as Skiddle to ArrivaClick, we’ve put a special Tunafish spin on them all. One of our biggest campaigns was our collaboration with DWF, where we promoted three separate projects for their brand – Blockchain, Resource, and Transport & Tech. With the use of innovative video creation and a brilliant and engaging content strategy, we were able to help them achieve their social goals throughout 2018.

Another amazing project that we took on during the year was our collaboration with Skiddle. We were approached by the company with a brief which stated that they wanted to create a buzz around their brand and boost the overall awareness of their company. We wanted to go big with this one and decided that the only way to possibly achieve that was to create a rooftop festival at a Manchester based office. You know, as you do. The effectiveness of this campaign was more than we originally expected, receiving exposure across all types of platforms, including coverage on the MEN, Prolific North and Business Insider.

Videography Campaigns

Earlier in the year, we started working with Cheshire FA. In their brief, they specified that they needed help bringing awareness to their brand and their cause – influencing lovers of football to get involved with the game physically as well as tuning in to every game. Through a carefully thought out content strategy, we were able to create engaging and persuasive content that they were then able to use on their platforms.

Another notable project includes our work with Ten Thousand Islands, in which we created a video project to help them boost their brand and their product to potential clients and customers. And don’t forget Muse Developments too, who we also helped to boost brand awareness and allowed them to share what they do to potential clients.


As a company, we find it important to leave a stamp on the local community. We like to immerse ourselves with events throughout the year, as it motivates us and is always a good networking opportunity. Throughout 2018, our MD Sam Jones attended various different industry talks where he discussed the in’s and out’s of creating a media agency with his friends and how it came into fruition. We encourage these types of events as it helps to shout our brand out from the rooftops in a civilised way, rather than shoving it in people’s faces (although, you gotta do what you gotta do).

We also like to dedicate ourselves to charity fundraisers to help our local community. Many of us in the office take time out of our day to help others and we thought it fitting to hold our own charity event. In mid-September, we held our very own charity bike ride event to raise money for 42nd Street. The event was brilliant and we managed to raise £1,440!

New Recruits

We love welcoming newcomers to our brilliant in-house team. We strive to make our environment comfortable and collaborative, so adding a diverse team to that is something we feel to be incredibly important. In November, we advertised for 6 new jobs and filled them all before the end of the year. Result!

Now, with six new additions to our team, we’re hoping to smash our 2019 goals and set the bar higher for the entire year! We love to keep ourselves busy and with the extra help of our new recruits, it’ll be easier than ever to achieve our goals.

Here’s to 2019!

The new year already promises an abundance of new opportunities, especially throughout January as this is the usual time for everyone to start needing their brand new campaigns and potential clients start to pop up here, there and everywhere! Just like every year, we try to hit the ground running and hope it’ll help us maintain motivation throughout the entire 12 months!

We’re pleased to say that 2018 was an amazing year for us here at Tunafish and we hope that 2019 brings us all the same opportunities plus much more success. Watch out Manchester, we’re coming for ya!

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