3 Marketing Lessons from the Kardashians

3 Marketing Lessons from the Kardashians

Whether you hate or love them you can’t ignore the worldwide brand that the Kardashians/Jenners have created and that’s all thanks to the best momager (a mom who’s also a manager) Kris Jenner. For many people who know about the Kardashians/Jenners, they’ll know that there’s not much Kris won’t use to promote their brands. Afterall, the main reason the brands began in the first place is all thanks to Kris spinning her daughter’s home movie PR. Well, once again Kris strikes, this time taking over her daughter Kylie’s cosmetic range. It didn’t take long for eagle-eyed fans to realise that the brand had changed from ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ to ‘Kris Cosmetics’ with many wondering what was going on. The brave brand redesign comes as a move to launch the new collection Kris has launched just in time for Mother’s Day (in the US).

So why are we writing a blog about a brand that is like Marmite, you either love or hate? Because either way, you know about them and that’s due to the great campaigns and strategies they use, so here’s how you can be nearly as successful as them (without the home movie).

1.Work with others

Kylie Cosmetics is a great example of this, as she’s brought out collaborations with all of her famous siblings, which help them sell more products. Even if you’re more of a Kim or Khloe fan, you’ll buy those collections regardless of whether you’re a fan of Kylie. It also enables them to cross-promote the products on the other siblings’ channels, which when all combined is more than 468 million people, on Instagram alone. Also, then add in that they’re using Kanye West’s music in the marketing videos, they can also try to tap into his audience.

Now we don’t expect you to have famous siblings or friends whose audiences you can use (though some of you might) we’re saying friends and business connections work just as well. You can help contribute to one another’s blogs or run an event together. Even if there isn’t an actual collaboration going on, just by tagging other brands and individuals into posts on social media can encourage them to share the content, enabling it to go further.

2.Have fun

We don’t expect Kris Cosmetics to last long, and whilst you might think what an SEO nightmare changing a brand name for a marketing campaign is, it actually hasn’t done anything whatsoever as their SEO is still strong because it is still associating Kris Cosmetics as Kylie Cosmetics. Again we’re not expecting you to rebrand but if it works, it works. We’ve seen this before with individuals and brands theming their handles around holidays and events.

The new Kris collection even features fun names for the products, with one key example being ‘Your Sister’s Going to Jail’ – a key line from the momager in the series, when one daughter was heading to a court case and another daughter was taking selfies and too busy to care. (enter video clip). It’s clear that the Kardashian brand is one they take seriously, but they’re also not afraid to laugh about things that have happened in the past. So why can’t you have the same attitude?

We saw on Twitter yesterday that someone had sent a test email out to their whole database, the thread was filled with lots of different comments, many reassuring it was fine, but if it’s not it’s not. We live in a world of social media so when things go wrong you can’t hide away from it, just face it. Next time this anonymous mailer sends out his next email marketing campaign, he could include something like ‘This time I meant to send this email’. You can also have fun in your content creation, some of our best pieces of content have been when we are just having fun in the office and being ourselves, for example, our lonely hearts video below, created to introduce the Tunafish boys available for dates for Valentine’s last year.

3.Know your audience

The reason why this works so well is that the Kardashians know who their audience is and they know about the brand, so inside jokes are understood and bought into more. They also know that the fans of the brand want to be involved, which is why whether you hate it or like it, they document everything that’s going on with social media. They upload images and videos on their channels, add stories and highlights to Instagram and upload vlogs, they even add content to their own individual apps. All of this shows they don’t miss a channel and are maximising their reach, whilst appealing to what their audience wants.

Your lesson here is not to feel like you have to be on every social platform but to choose the ones that work for you, and be dedicated and consistent when sharing content so that it resonates well with your target audience. It also might seem daunting and a risk to change elements of your branding and marketing activities but as the Kardashians have shown that risk can pay off.


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