Are You Optimising Your Content For Every Platform?

In many cases, it’s often perceived to be that, to mine the maximum promotional returns from your social media strategy...

Are You Optimising Your Content For Every Platform?

In many cases, it’s often perceived to be that, to mine the maximum promotional returns from your social media strategy, you need to extend your tentacles across many different social media sites, like a digital marketing octopus.

However, as social media sites can significantly differ in their strengths and weaknesses, you should be selective as to which of the following sites you use for each campaign.


Facebook can seem to be a “catch-all” platform, due to its undoubted popularity. Indeed, The Next Web advocates using Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild for “all types of online content”, as well as publicising not only upcoming events but also your products or services more generally. Through the likes of Facebook ads and Facebook Pixel, you can track your customer’s journey through your website and their reaction to your ads throughout the platform, making it easier than ever to retarget them directly to encourage conversions and brand awareness. 

However, given the platform’s strong messaging interface, it can particularly excel as a customer service platform, says Forbes – although, Facebook does have a notable rival…


As you would be limited to 280 characters when posting a ‘tweet’, this site would not be the obvious place to post lengthy editorials. Nonetheless, it’s perfect for helping you to draw attention to your brand with a short, snappy headline and link.

Also consider that, according to IT PRO, “Twitter-savvy millennials are much more likely to tweet at companies for customer service questions, comments, and concerns than they are to call.” This is heartening when you consider that many young adults have recently drifted away from Facebook.


The image-sharing site Instagram very much strips down the text – or rather, encourages its users to do so – and brings images to the fore. As a result, it makes sense to use the platform for sharing graphics capturing the company culture or photos of recent events and new products. 

However, if many of your offerings call for an explanation more elaborate than mere imagery, you might want to sensibly limit your Instagram presence.


Long famed as ‘the’ business-oriented social media site, the Microsoft-owned LinkedIn can make an especially comfortable home for businesses promoting services to other businesses as part of the ‘B2B’ market. LinkedIn can also help you in advertising vacancies to job seekers. 

Given how intimately brands and their employees are linked on LinkedIn, you could consider using this particular site for ‘behind the scenes’ material, which can also work well on…


Perhaps unsurprisingly, video content posted to the Google-owned YouTube tends to appear prominently on Google’s search results pages.

Naturally, if you want to share video content, which could include ads, explanations or expertise, YouTube is your go to. It’s easy for you to share YouTube videos on other social media networks, too – and our video production services could help you to bring a professional shine to your videos that you feel you might be lacking.

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