Caption this!

Find out about Rubric, the new app that helps caption your Instagram posts.

Caption this!

Good news (lazy) Instagram users, you can now download an app to caption your posts! Rubric is a free app that analyses your images and using keywords or trending captions, quotes or song lyrics enables you to caption your post without having to write anything yourself.

The app is simple and easy to use, and you can either take a photo using the app or upload an image from your library. Then you select your category and swipe through your options before clicking post.

It all sounds great and could be really beneficial to those who struggle to think of funny or creative text to match up with their posts. It could even save many users time and hassle, keeping social media reactive and instant.

But a word of warning to those rushing to the app store quotes available are from a range of current and past historic figures, including some that I’m pretty sure many users and brands don’t want to associate with in any way, let alone on their social media. The same goes for song lyrics and even trending tags, so choose carefully and perhaps even stick to your own creativity.

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