Christmas Adverts – The good, the bad and the ‘what were they thinking?’

Christmas Adverts – The good, the bad and the ‘what were they thinking?’

It’s FINALLY that time of year where we’re enjoying the sudden influx of Christmas ads. Some of us (not naming any names) even count down the days till we see the famous Coca-Cola advert. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas, otherwise!

Among all the festive fun, we’ve decided to pick our favourite ads from this year. With the ever-loved ‘Kevin the Carrot’ advert from 2016 and the ‘The Boy and The Piano’ from last year, there’s huge competition! But how does this years’ lot measure up?

Argos – The Book of Dreams

Argos isn’t usually the one to watch out for when the tirade of Christmas ads appear, but this years’ has definitely tugged at the heartstrings. The father/daughter duo has gained an incredibly positive reaction from viewers, including the heavy nostalgia that follows from seeing the Argos catalogue. We give this ad a solid 6/10!

Current YouTube Views – 552,780

McDonald’s – #ReindeerReady

This year’s addition to the #ReindeerReady movement has allowed us all to shed our ‘Bah Humbug Blues’ and truly get into the festive spirit. The mixture between the ‘Frozen’ reference and the strong family vibe really sets this ad apart from the rest. We also enjoy the transition from animation to real life. On top of this incredible advert, McDonald’s is also giving away free Reindeer treats on Christmas Eve as part of the Reindeer Ready campaign. Talk about dedication! We give this ad a respectable 8/10.

Current YouTube Views – 464,823

Aldi – #KevinTheCarrot

Aldi’s Christmas advert is wonderful, as ever. They’re definitely sticking to what they know, and that is the charming Kevin the Carrot character. We can’t help but notice the huge ‘The Greatest Showman’ reference, but we’re not mad about it. This ad had Twitter going mad, which is definitely what you want to achieve when releasing a Christmas ad. We rank this ad as a decent 9/10.

Current YouTube Views – 3,217,271

John Lewis – #ExcitableEdgar

Moving on to our favourite Christmas ad of the year, it’s John Lewis with their Excitable Edgar campaign. Last year they really grasped the attention of the nation with ‘The Boy and the Piano’ ad, featuring Elton John. This was a very obvious nod to the upcoming biopic ‘Rocketman’ that was to be released later this year, and we couldn’t help noticing that this year’s ad is also a bit of a tearjerker. Okay, so not everyone found it as emotional as I did, but that’s beside the point. We rank this ad as a solid 10/10.

Current YouTube Views – 531,254

Our Verdict of this years’ Christmas Campaigns

Although Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot is an audience fave, it’s a bit been there, done that. However, it does have the most views on YouTube out of all four of the adverts we’ve looked at! An impressive feat. Our personal favourite (so far) is John Lewis and their Excitable friend, but we’re open-minded! What’s your favourite Christmas advert this year?

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