Complex information? How a simple infographic helps with communication

Complex information? How a simple infographic helps with communication

To say that the world is suffering from an information overload would be rather an understatement. In a single day, the world creates 1.5 billion content pieces, 140 million tweets and two million videos, says marketing guru Jeff Bullas. How can we make sense of such stacks of information?

Of course, historically, charts and graphs have been used to help people with deciphering otherwise potentially bewildering data. Still, you might want to take a step further by using an infographic.

An infographic can tell a complete story concisely

Whereas the likes of charts and graphs might be sound for articulating isolated fragments of data, an infographic is better suited to communicating in-depth information without sacrificing too much of the ease with which visual content, compared to textual content, can be digested.

Did you know that 90% of information arriving into the brain is visual? This sheds light on why well-crafted infographics often capture the imagination to such an extent that they become viral.

You can effectively grab attention even when it lasts just seconds

The saying “the memory of a goldfish” seems to be surprisingly relevant when it comes to the human race, let alone aquatic lifeforms. These days, the average attention span is a mere eight seconds – actually shorter than that of a goldfish.

You can take comfort, then, from the ability of infographics, as observed by Business 2 Community, to show complex ideas clearly, quickly and appealingly.

Infographics can be easily shared across social media

Given that infographics can speedily make a positive impression, it could hardly surprise that they are likelier than standard text content to “go viral”, especially on social media.

This is already encouraging for your business – which, once it has published an infographic to great acclaim, could possibly also watch as it is ported or embedded elsewhere. Through using an embedded code, another site may share that content while automatically linking to your own site.

Shared infographics can help spark your SEO success

As more and more sites take advantage of the portability of an infographic originally published by your company, you can expect your site to be increasingly fuelled by a healthy supply of SEO juice, so to say. In other words, Google will hand higher prominence to your site in search rankings.

This will strengthen your site’s visibility in online searches and could better position you as an authority on the topic covered by that infographic. Bask in the glory as your reputation grows!

Effective infographics can be surprisingly easy to source

While it would be naive to argue that making such potent infographics is easy, there remain ways for you to relieve much of the struggle. Tools which can be used for this purpose include Canva, Visually and Piktochart, but what if you are a complete beginner when it comes to infographics?

If so, we can produce infographics for you before sharing that content across various popular social media portals. This is just one aspect of the social media marketing services that we offer.

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