Conversational marketing: Ways to grow your business through a messaging strategy

Conversational marketing: Ways to grow your business through a messaging strategy

Many people are in the habit of regularly communicating through social media companies’ messaging apps, leaving the main platforms of the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram untouched. However, far from cause for despair, this trend poses a valuable opportunity to develop your marketing strategy for your business.

This is because it invites you to pursue the largely untapped opportunity of “conversational marketing”. Medium defines this type of marketing as “a direct, hyper-personalised, dialogue-driven approach to creating and nurturing long-term customer relationships, as well as collecting data and increasing sales”. There are various ways in which you can utilise this approach.

Transfer your email marketing knowhow to message marketing

Though your company is likely experienced with email marketing, it has become increasingly ineffective. Forbes reports that, on average, email open rates have topped out at about 19%, while click-through rates have reached roughly 2%.

These figures pale in comparison to those of message marketing, where open rates exceed 80%, and click-through rates are more than 30%. Furthermore, these rates are continuing to rise as those of email marketing fall, putting the onus on your marketers migrating from email to messaging.

Fortunately, you can quickly act on this reversal of fortunes, as many well-worn principles of email marketing apply just as strongly to the messaging sphere. In either case, the matter is largely that of attracting and nurturing leads before helping target customers as a way of converting them into paying ones.

Embrace the personal aspect of message marketing

Message marketing could be dubbed more immediate than email marketing, given that the former entails exchanges of a more one-to-one nature. As a result, this can also take on a more conversational, interactive and – especially beneficial for your marketing efforts – customised feel.

It would not even be strictly necessary for you to handle all of these exchanges yourself. Instead, you could build a chatbot capable of customising its responses according to the links that the target customer follows. For this bot, managing even the entire conversation could be practically possible.

Nonetheless, in this bot, you could integrate the function for the customer to, at their request, connect with a live representative of your company. You should also be careful not to mislead a customer into perceiving a chatbot as a live rep. Bots still fall short of full autonomy, and you would be playing a risky game if you fail to heed this discrepancy.

Draw upon a two-pronged strategy of ads and messaging apps

Whereas simply leaving ads on a social media user’s feed poses the risk of becoming lost in a deluge of competitors ads, you could “beat the crowds” by posting message ads instead.

This is possible when an ad is placed prominently in the interface of a messaging app. Upon tapping on that ad, the user could be taken to a new message conversation – a great helping hand for when you want to generate and nurture leads.

If message marketing is something that is of interest to you, our team at Tunafish can certainly help out. Our other social media marketing services can also provide further worthwhile assistance and advice on this topic too.

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