Social Media News From August

Social Media News From August

Is it just us, or is this year going really quickly? Another month has been and summer is officially over. We’ve had a busy month with four work anniversaries, four birthdays and lots of events, shoots and numerous cups of tea. However, it doesn’t look like it’s just us who have had a busy August. Whilst researching this blog, we came across lots of news and updates, including the Government banning sales of energy drinks to children and even strange articles about how celebrities are modifying their bodies with temporary ‘skin implants’.

As always social media has seen lots of changes so here are 5 we think are the most important and useful for you and your business.

Instagram – good things come in threes

Apart from Instagram stories turning two, the platform released new tools to keep its users safe this month. The new updates include an ‘about this account’ feature, verification requests and support for third-party authenticator apps.

About this Account

This new feature will allow users to question the authenticity of accounts with large followings and engagement. Once accessing the feature users will be able to find out where the account is based, how long it’s been on Instagram, any username changes in the last year, any accounts with shared followers and any ads it’s currently running. This is due to users wanting to have more insights into bigger accounts, but does that mean ‘big accounts’ should be worried their ‘secrets’ are about to be exposed?

Verification Requests

It’s not all bad for ‘big accounts’ and those belonging to global brands and public figures, as Instagram plans to start allowing these accounts to request to be verified. This can be done by supplying a photo of ID or document that proves the account belongs to whom it says it does. It is important to note that a request doesn’t mean that it will be approved though.

Third-Party Authenticator Apps

Users will now be able to login to their account through third-party authenticator apps. This will be done through a two-factor process, making it easier and safer for users.


Watch your friend’s updates disappear

As usual Facebook updates are launched in the US and the rest of the world have to wait patiently for features to be rolled out to them. This couldn’t be truer for Facebook Watch which launched in the US last August (2017) but luckily is now being rolled out worldwide. The feature is being likened to that of YouTube, enabling users to discover and save content in order to create customised video feeds.

However, Facebook has also shut down their Friend List Feed feature, meaning users will no longer be able to scroll through personalised feeds, instead of having to view their friends update in the main news feed. Don’t worry though as Friend Lists are here to stay, and you can easily create them yourself or by using the app’s smart list, which automates lists by grouping together your friends based on certain criteria.


Save time with better search

The professional networking site has made updates to their job search function, making it easier for its users to find their dream job. The new update has a range of benefits including showing the most important information about the job and the salary. These benefits mean it’s easier for users to compare roles against one another and make a more informed decision about roles. Users can also turn on job alerts when they follow a company page, handy for those who have their sights set on a specific business.


Becomes a ghost town

Snapchat has always been popular with millennials and this month the platform announced they had lost 3 million of its daily users due to its controversial design. We can’t really say we’re surprised as everyone remembers the outrage that occurred when the design was unveiled. Kylie Jenner was also linked to affecting the share price when she tweeted that she failed to open the app anymore. Updates to Instagram stories have shown Snapchat that they really need to up their game and listen to their user’s needs if they want to compete.

Influencers are warned

With more and more social media users declaring themselves as influencers, it’s never been easier for businesses to advertise. However, this rise in influencers and social media ad posts has resulted in the UK’s competition watchdog investigating how these accounts operate. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced this is due to celebrity accounts needing to inform their users they are being paid to promote products and brands, in order to avoid incorrectly influencing and swaying the public’s purchasing habits. This doesn’t mean it’s all over for influencers, it just means they need to specify if a post is an advert. However, with users wising up to social media adverts, does this mean that they will have less influence on users anyway?

So there are five updates which could impact your use of social media, and as usual, we expect the platforms to continue to update and change. Although with users being urged to log off for Scroll-free September, can we expect an upcoming quiet month?  Take a look at our predictions for the future of social media.


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