The Five Basics of Social Media

The Five Basics of Social Media

Get a Handle on Things

The first place to start when using social media is to decide on your handle. This should be easily identifiable by your audience and consistent across the different platforms, so I advise doing some research before you launch to check it is available.

Other things to keep in mind are:


Adding a location can help your audience identify you as they associate yourself or your business to the area you are based. Though if you have plans on expanding into other regions this can be quite restrictive so you should keep that in mind. Expanding into other locations also raises the question whether you will have individual channels for each location or stay as one parent channel, sharing updates about multiple locations.


Adding numbers (especially random ones) at the end of your handle to differentiate yourself from the other Tom Jones’ in the world might seem like a good idea, however, it can make it more complicated for your audience to find you. Choosing something more specific about yourself like a middle name or other keywords people associate with you and your brand is a better idea.

New Profile Pic

Your picture is another way people are going to identify you and your brand. As a business, your logo or emblem is a perfect choice and as an individual, I suggest a recent photo with minimal filters (especially dog ears).

Using the same profile picture across your different platforms will also help you to be recognised.

A Strong Bio

Your social media is all about you and your brand and your bio is your best chance to sell and explain what your profile is about. Like with the handle and picture you should keep your bio consistent across the different channels too.

Things to include:

  • What you or your business does
  • Values and what’s important to you, like interests and specialities
  • Links to other important accounts, for example, an individual can link to their business account or a business account could also include any other accounts they have such as customer services etc.


Your contact information needs to be on your profiles! All of the social apps make it easy for people to contact you and your brand so you need to supply your information so they can do so. Using an email and phone number that your followers can contact you on will make it easier for them to do so.

Things to include:

  • Web link – even as an individual you can link to another profile e.g. your LinkedIn
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address

Make It your own


The type of language you use reflects you and your brand, from using emojis to slang. Keep this in mind when sharing updates and content with your audience.

Header Images 

Another way to personalise your social channels is through the header and cover images. On Facebook, you can even have a cover video to show off your brand or products. Here’s a helpful article that might help you in choosing a design or image to use.

Customised Tabs

This one is for Facebook as the platform enables you to customise your business page by adding different tabs for other sections. For example, if you regularly run events you can include an events tab or include a shop feature to display your latest products.

This can be handy as you can also remove tabs, such as offers and reviews so that your audience can’t see these sections.

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