How to Become More Sustainable At Work

How to Become More Sustainable At Work

Want to start making small, sustainable choices around the office? It’s no secret that the concern of a climate catastrophe has increased over the last five years and making a conscious effort to decrease your carbon footprint is a good place to start your fight against climate change.

Although these little changes might seem pointless or trivial, everyone needs to make their own contributions to create a clean, sustainable future for everyone.

Turn It Off!

Do you really need fifty lights on in the office during the summer? Let me answer for you – no you do not. Make sure that you turn the lights off in rooms you’re not using, turn off computer monitors that you’re not using, turn all electronics off if they’re on standby.

These little steps will help uses less electricity! Shocking, I know. (Pun not intended but I will take the credit).

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Refuse

Most of us recycle at home, but do you make the extra effort to recycle at work? Getting a meal-deal from your local Tesco every day might seem like an absolute must, but that’s a lot of single-use plastic. 

Instead, consider making your weekly lunches at home. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also reduce the amount of waste that you accumulate throughout the working day. Easy! The same applies to that much-needed coffee that you grab each morning. Instead of using their non-recyclable takeaway cups, bring in a reusable coffee cup. It’ll also score you money off your coffee. Bonus!

Think Before You Buy

Not only should you recycle, reuse and reduce your waste, you should also make an effort to refuse it. This means refusing single-use plastics, reusing bags and making that extra effort to make a difference.

Refusing that bag from Pret won’t create the palava that you think it might. You’re just going to throw it away anyway, right? Instead, think about carrying a reusable bag with you so that you can place spur-of-the-moment purchases in without causing too much of an effort.


Be a Smart Commuter

Commuting to work is the bane of our lives. Whether it takes you twenty minutes or an hour and twenty, we can all agree that it can become a living nightmare. To reduce the time that you spend stuck in traffic, why not try a different course of action?

For example, put the pedal to the metal and get your bike out! Cycling to work is a great option if you live closer to work but find that it’s a bit too far to walk. It’s also a fantastic way of getting some exercise in! Public transport can be a bit of a pain but is usually cheaper than running and driving a car every day and emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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