How to get More Followers on Social Media

How to get More Followers on Social Media

As well as using social media for marketing purposes it’s also important to you and your business as it can help to validate your brand. By having a presence on social media you allow open communication with your customers and online following. Though how do you achieve more followers?

Regardless of how comfortable you are with technology and marketing, social media is always changing and it can be difficult to determine the correct strategy. So here are a few tips to increase your online audience.


Join the conversation

Using the right hashtag, or combination of hashtags can assist you in exposing your brand to a larger and more targeted audience.

Creating a specific hashtag for your company is a great idea, as long as your followers know they need to use it to share content about your brand. As well as putting the hashtag in all of your social media profiles, you can move things offline and print the tag in ads, on signage throughout the business or at relevant events.


Link your bios

This tactic can prove particularly useful with Instagram but can also work with Twitter. On both platforms, you can link to other accounts. This is a great feature to get your employees to link to the brand in their bios and enables you to get the attention of their followers.

Your profile also allows you to insert a URL into your bio. Now, you can be smart with this, you don’t just need to link your bio to your homepage, you can also change it regularly and link to important content at that point in time.


Engagement is Everything

Whether it is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn, engagement should be key. Participating in conversations that are on trend will help drive up your following in no time. As well as using hashtags that are relevant to your business, and using popular hashtags where possible.  Commenting, sharing and tagging other users can also help to spread your brand further, raising awareness and increase your following.


Similar Accounts

When you follow other users, then most social platforms will suggest other accounts for you to follow. By doing this you can follow similar accounts and they’re more likely to follow you back as they have an interest into your account and the content you’re sharing.



We’re sure you’ve seen many competitions on social media ask users to like, share (RT) and follow to enter. The reason for this is it helps to increase a brands following, awareness and engagement. Now we’re not suggesting you start running lots of competitions and offering prizes all the time, however including one off competitions into your strategy can help boost your profiles at important times for you.


User generated content

Creating content for your social accounts can be really time consuming, however you can combat this by re-using content that your customers share. This can be another way to grow your following as other users want their content to be shared to a wider audience so you can encourage them to follow you by showing users you are willing to use their content. If you’re struggling to find content from your customers, you can also offer incentives to increase this. An example of an account that does this is Albert Schloss, who if they share content from one of their customers, they offer them ‘a drink on the haus’ as a reward.



One objective of online adverts is to increase your following, and why it’s not recommended to focus on growing your audience just using ads, they can be a great way to target specific users you wish to know about your brand. For example, buyer personas and customers.


Do not buy them

An important thing to remember is that even if your strategy isn’t working and your following is very low, never buy followers. Buying followers can boost your audience however it is unlikely that they will engage and other users can easily identify these accounts as bots. This is a problem as it discredits your account and there’s no point having a large following if it’s not engaging.

If you’re still having difficulties with your strategy or want to discuss your ideas further, then feel free to get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

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