How to Grasp Your Audience With Video Marketing

How to Grasp Your Audience With Video Marketing

If you’ve not yet grasped the importance of video, then you need to take a quick look around. Everyone and their grandmothers have created their own online content. Times are a-changin’, and our video marketing experts are here to tell you why you need engaging video content. 

Stand Out!

Due to advancements in technology, video is used by over 90% of marketers. This isn’t surprising as everyone owns a smartphone. However, as the art of video is so popular today, it’s important to grasp and engage your audience and stand out from the droves of competition.

It stands to reason that if everyone’s using video, then you need to ensure that your video captures the attention of your audience. For example, does the video truly represent your business? Does it get the point across easily? Will it evoke a response? 

Short & Sweet

You want to make sure that your audience stays engaged with your content. One way to achieve this is to keep your video (regardless of the content) short and concise.

Clever video marketing experts suggest that knowing your audience is the key to your success. On average, people view your video for a maximum of 3 seconds and even less on mobile. The importance of getting to your point quickly and efficiently is essential in the digital age.

Leave It Out (The Logo That Is)

People are going to click off a video pretty quickly if the logo is bouncing around the screen the whole time. Not only that, but it also looks messy on screen. Instead, use the logo at the end of the video whilst having the branding present throughout.

Having the branding within the video without it being too loud is the best possible route for any creative content. It allows you to make your point without being annoying or overzealous with selling the brand.

Spark Emotion

What’s the point in creating content that doesn’t inspire your audience? Or at least entice them to interact with it? If you ask us, the best way to inspire is to create content that you know your audience will like.

For example, you wouldn’t post a Spongebob meme on an insurance company’s page, would you? (the answer is no if you were wavering there). Know your audience!

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