Make Your Instagram Stand Out From The Crowd

Make Your Instagram Stand Out From The Crowd

Instagram has become an integral part of daily life. Most of us check our feeds obsessively like the morning paper, making it a genuine hotspot for sales opportunities. Every brand under the sun has taken Instagram by the horns, and it’s time that you do, too.

For a lot of businesses, a burning question is ‘Will Instagram be worth the extra effort?’. Well, that’s why our social marketing experts are here – to tell you why you should be using Instagram and how to do it well.


Consistency Is Key

People don’t follow accounts for irregular, lacklustre content. They follow accounts because it ignites genuine feeling and emotion! You want to harness this skill in your own, unique way.

Making yourself a content calendar will make this whole process easier. You can also visualise what goes where, before you even post it. What kind of magic!

Think of the Feed

A lot of people follow business accounts purely for their aesthetic. Some of our favourite Insta feeds are from bigger brands! Finding your niche design can take a bit of extra time and effort, but it will drive your brand awareness through the roof. 

Need inspo? If you’re into #foodporn deliciousness, how about taking a scroll through @pizzahutuk’s feed? Or maybe even @chambordchannel_uk for a window view to your favourite tipple? The world is your oyster, it’s up to you what you do with it!

User-Generated Content

Utilising UGC achieves great results for many different brands. But should you be using it on your Insta feed? User-generated content is an excellent addition to any marketing strategy. When someone takes a picture of your product and tags you on social, that’s a big ol’ thumbs up from them! 

It’s better than any 5-star review, as it shows real-life people using your product and enjoying it so much that they’d take a picture and post it on their socials. It shows that your brand has a personality.


Hashtags on social are a bit of a controversial subject. We hear a lot of ‘does it really work?’ and ‘How does it work?’. Well, hold onto your hats people, because we’re diving right in.

Hashtags are essential for brands on Instagram. There, I said it! This is especially important for building your audience or a smaller brand. Hashtags allow people to find you through a simple search and you know what? It means they’re actively LOOKING for your product! So when you plan your next Instagram post, make sure you include a hashtag or two (or three… or four…).

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