How to manage your online reputation

How to manage your online reputation

As we approach the end of the decade, there are now working-age adults who not only are accustomed to online retail but have grown up with it as their main form of shopping for goods and services.

Subsequently, an essential part of any marketing strategy for retailers is to carefully manage an effective social media presence, and make sure your website is designed to meet customer needs and expectations.

Here are some practical tips to implement into managing your online presence today.

Perform a digital audit

The importance of a strong digital presence is becoming increasingly imperative for business. According to diginomica, in some cases, the physical store has become the gateway to increasing digital sales, turning the nature of traditional sales techniques completely on its head.

Before making any changes to your website or social media presence, look at it from your customers’ point of view and consider what they need when they discover your brand or return following repeat business.

If you have no physical store, this makes your website the forefront of your business. Identify what is working and what isn’t working so well, and get these problems resolved in the first instance.

Choose the right channels

Linking back to your website will be your social media channels, and you will find the term ‘omnichannel approach’ in many places when you scour the internet for information about online management skills.

However, is this every-channel approach really for you? People love video, but will it do anything for your brand? Certain target groups adore Instagram, but will photographs really increase your sales?

Professional marketers still recognise that, sometimes, ‘less is more’ when it comes to social media channels. By creating quality content for the channels that work best for you, you’ll spend more time developing an online presence that delivers for both you and your customers.

Listen to your customers

Social media is wonderful for sales and advertising, but this can often mean that its greatest asset for business is forgotten. If it is only ever used as a one-way communication platform, it isn’t being used properly at all.

Forbes recommends that you use your time on social media to understand your customers and address their needs, rather than rely on repetitive hard sell techniques that just aren’t engaging enough to bother with.

By utilising the open-ended nature of social media as a communications tool, you can express invaluable personality through this progressive and responsive customer service platform.

Build a team to take you forward

Depending on the size of your business, you can assign either specific or rotating social media responsibilities. Identify who will be best suited to communicating through the use of social media, or consider hiring someone new if you really want to drive this aspect of your business.

Getting all of this right can be tricky, especially if social media is new to your business or you’ve experienced mixed results in the past. If you would like assistance in establishing a desirable online reputation, get in contact with a member of our team today and let us help you open up your business to a world of digital communication.

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