How to Pull Off a Christmas Social Media Plan Like a Pro

How to Pull Off a Christmas Social Media Plan Like a Pro

It’s the Christmas Season once again, and it’s the perfect time of year to spread some Christmas cheer – so why not get festive on social media? With thousands of brands getting into the Christmas spirit online, it’s about time that you do too! There’s no time to be a total Scrooge this Christmas as 56% of sales last Christmas were influenced through mobile ads.

Although a large majority of holiday shopping occurs within physical stores, 45% of social media users say that comments, reviews, and adverts influence their spending habits. That’s almost half of your audience! That means your Christmas social media plan HAS to blow minds (or at least be engaging and on brand).

Get Festive

Spruce up your timeline by adding some festive cheer to your profile. Adding a bit of Christmassy pizzazz to your cover photo and profile photo on your socials is a brilliant place to start, as they tend to be the first things that people see when they visit your page! This is also a great marketing opportunity that you should DEFINITELY take advantage of, as it means that you can create your own branded festive theme to grace your profile.


This suggestion also applies to other holidays, such as Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s day, etc. It means that you can market your brand to suit each holiday and keep up the festive cheer! It has the ability to put people visiting your page in a great mood, which will keep you at the forefront of their minds.

Understand Your Audience


I think it goes without saying that you should target your Christmas social plan to your audience (for the most obvious reasons). However, we’ll humour you, just in case. Branding your social media to target your audience is still as important during the holiday seasons as it is during any old month. We suggest thinking about what your audience would enjoy seeing on your timeline throughout the seasons to initiate the best engagement.

It’d be nice to see some innovative Christmas posts throughout the month. Christmas is a time for creativity and fun, so don’t hesitate to let your timeline reflect that! Try something new – you never know, it might work out and become a regular occurrence on your page!

Christmassy Giveaways

Christmas is the time for giving, which also makes it the perfect time for a wonderfully generous giveaway! Giveaways are brilliant any time of the year, as it encourages engagement on your posts (because who doesn’t love free stuff?!) and because of the festive season, it’d almost be rude not to!

In all honesty, the bigger the prize the bigger the size… of your engagement. However, that’s not completely necessary – perfect for businesses with lower budgets (especially during Christmas). Just make sure you pick a winner fair and square, or you might end up paying the price!

Continue With Your Quality Content


Understandably, you have a business to run! Posting your normal day-to-day content on your social media is unavoidable and completely necessary. We suggest adding a festive flair to your everyday type of post to help engage your audience who are probably in quite the festive mood!

We advise that you don’t post random pieces of content that have nothing to do with your business and your brand. This is counterproductive and can have disappointing effects on your overall engagement – people will be able to see right through your strategy and know that you’re just posting for the sake of it! Make sure that what your posting is on brand and targets your intended audience whilst also including a Christmassy aspect.


Add a Christmas Spin to Your Posts


Like we mentioned, posting content during the holidays that isn’t quite festive can sometimes bring down the overall mood of your page. Adding a certain flair to your posts will help you stay on trend and attract the audience who is feeling the full effects of festive spirit. If it’s relevant to your brand, go all in! For example, if you’re a home decorating page, you could post tips and tricks on how to create the perfect Christmas ambience throughout your house.

Posts that are both relevant to your brand and have a festive spin have a large chance of pulling in a considerable amount of engagement, especially if there’s an incentive for people to tag their friends and family! People love tagging others in posts on social media, and creating a social media plan that caters to that will bring you fabulous results!


What Have We Learnt?


Creating a social media plan close to the holiday season can be more stressful than any other time of the year. That’s why we created this handy guide to help you pull off a Christmas social media plan like a pro! From handling your brand throughout the month to handy tips and tricks, we’ve included it all.

Tapping into the festive spirit is what will achieve the best results, so be sure to create a social media plan that really offers that to your audience! Even if they’re not quite feeling the Christmas spirit, they sure will when they see your carefully thought out posts!

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