How to show the true value of your product online

How to show the true value of your product online

You know the value, the people you work with know it, and anyone who’s ever invested in your product or service before will have experienced it. After all, that’s what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

However, when it comes to showing its value online, you’re faced with a whole new set of challenges. Here are a few tips that will help you to communicate what you know to the people who need to know it.

Demonstrate value over price

According to Experian, 81% of shoppers will conduct online research before making big purchases. When selling online, you’re likely to be up against so many other similar products or services that simply shedding a few pounds from the price won’t cut it for everyone. People also appreciate quality, reputation, reviews and testimonials, and trusted brands.

They will love a good bargain, nonetheless, but they will also wonder if something is too good to be true. Be clear with your intentions, competitive with your prices, and strive for quality at every level.

Communicate effectively

Customer Happiness Score has identified that 76% of consumers view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. Along with delivering a great product, you need to package it with an effective customer service experience or customer journey. This will help to retain customers and encourage testimonials, as well as help you to understand more about who is buying your product.

Perform an audit of your communications strategy, considering how both new and repeat customers engage with your product online. Identify the pros and cons, and put your creative communications ideas to work.

Add narrative and personality

As well as what your product is and how wonderfully it does its job, have you explained who you are, what inspired you to sell your product, and how you came to sell it? Akin to a brand story, this is your opportunity to engage your customers on the crucial, emotional and intellectual levels that stimulate sales, and will make your product more memorable.

A video testimonial, for instance, far outweighs a PDF summary or website content in terms of value, according to Forbes. And this is one of the best benefits of selling online – it provides you with the chance to display integrity, looking your customers in the eye and letting them know that you mean every word when it comes to your product.

Choose your targets strategically

In attempting to display value online, many businesses make the mistake of spreading themselves too thin in order to appeal to a wider audience. With what feels like the whole world feeling tantalisingly close, and certainly out there somewhere online, it can naturally be very tempting to try to entice everyone at one.

Just be pragmatic here, and stick to people who are likely to really want your product. If you maintain a targeted approach, you’re more likely to see real results, recognise what’s missing or not working along the way, and show the real value of your product.

For more advice on showing value online, and any assistance with your content or social media marketing, get in touch with our team at Tunafish Media today.

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