How to use social media to increase your sales

How to use social media to increase your sales

Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to increasing sales. As a business owner, you should be aware that in order to generate sales, establishing a target market and then finding a way to engage with them is essential. Social media makes both of these things plausible. With the right knowledge, you are then able to use it to generate more sales.


Additionally, social media also allows business owners to find out what people are saying about not only their own brand but also what is being said about their competitors. By assessing different social media platforms, you are able to determine the needs of specific target markets.


So, how do you actually use social media to increase your sales?

Establish the right platform

It is important to know the right platform for your target market before you even start thinking about the type of content you want to publish. Establishing the best way to target your potential customers is essential.


Always take into consideration the key features of each platform. The swipe up to shop feature on Instagram is an excellent tool for online retailers as consumers love convenience. This feature will take them straight to the product thus it can be a highly advantageous tool. Twitter and Facebook allow users to embed links into posts which can also take users straight to that product with a simple click.


If your business boasts enough disposable income to spend a little extra on social media marketing, sponsored posts and paid adverts can also go a long way as this can help you to reach a target audience that is not aware of your online presence, and turn them into leads or sales.


Locate your audience

When it comes to marketing on social media, it is essential that you are using the same platforms as your audience. After determining your target audience, conduct some market research to find out where they are most active as this is far less time consuming than trying to be everywhere. If a B2B audience is your target, both LinkedIn and Facebook are good platforms to start with as they each have a huge user base of business owners. But, as with anything, the audience can vary hugely depending on your product or service, so keep that in mind and don’t just simply copy other brands.


Post regularly

After establishing your target audience and the right ways to use the right platforms, it is important to post often. People are forever on the lookout for new information. You should always keep your pages active by posting regular relevant content about your brand, however, this content should not appear excessively promotional as consumers often tire of looking at advertisements.

Start a blog

One subtle way of advertising on social is by starting a social blog. The content on this blog should aim to improve the lives of consumers as this will help to retain and attract readers, content should be captivating, interesting and accompanied by pictures. Unique content will help to attract more customers to your page and therefore, increase sales. Whether it is a status update, infographic or link you are posting, it should provoke interest and establish you as a brand. Posting the right content will increase the faith people have in your brand and in turn, increase sales.

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