Joe Lycett Or Hugo Boss? – The Takeaways

Joe Lycett Or Hugo Boss? – The Takeaways

Would it even be a normal week if something didn’t cause a dramatic stir on Twitter? Absolutely not! This week, comedy star Joe Lycett legally changed his name by deed poll to Hugo Boss.

But, why? Well, the story goes like this. The company, Hugo Boss, has sent several cease and desist letters to smaller businesses that use the word ‘BOSS’ or anything similar in their names. This costs each business thousands in rebranding and legal fees. Lycett decided ‘enough is enough’ and has clapped back by changing his name to ‘Hugo Boss’.

This isn’t the first time that Joe has used his platform and voice as a celebrity to help others. From approaching local councils to getting out of parking fines, he considers himself a modern-day Robin Hood.

Why is this important? Celebrities helping others isn’t necessarily a new concept, but with the social media boom over the last decade, it’s become the norm. As social media has evolved, we’ve seen the rise of ‘influencers’, people who make a living by posting their lives online.

As influencer and celebrity culture has evolved, and with many brands addressing their complaints on social media, it opens doors that allow celebrities to do more with their platforms.

With help from the almighty blue tick, speaking your mind and addressing an audience that will listen is easier than ever before.

The Outcome?

Hugo Boss has yet to comment on the situation, but Hugo Boss (Lycett) is hoping for a complete turn-around with them offering the affected companies’ compensation for the money spent on legal fees and rebranding.

Fortunately, we don’t doubt that Hugo (Lycett) will continue using his blue tick for good and not evil. With help from social media and his increased reach, we look forward to seeing what happens next! 

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