July Social Round-up

July Social Round-up

Twitter Purge

Just a few days after the latest purge film was released, a modern day social media purge took place.

With the aim to ‘build trust’, accounts categorised as ‘inactive’ by Twitter users have started to be removed from the platform. Resulting in a drop in followers across brands and personal accounts. How many will be removed? Reportedly ‘tens of millions’ will be removed meaning decreasing follower numbers will be felt by many. Those who have already been hit hardest include Katy Perry who lost 2 million followers, Obama who lost 2.5 million and even Trump couldn’t escape the cult, losing 200,000 followers.

Accounts which have been ‘locked’ have been the first ones targeted and now have been removed. Locked accounts include those who have been created by underage users. At first, this may appear like a negative to those managing brand accounts as they watch their built up community be hacked at. However, if marking your account success by followers and growth, removing these accounts allows you to see a true number of where you are at. Although appearing negative at first, for marketers it ensures the right accounts are being targeted as part of campaigns and truer metrics.

Instagram delivers a trick and a treat

Another month, another whole bunch of Instagram updates to get our heads around. Although some create fun, one update left some users wishing they could turn back time.

The ‘Ask me a question’ update adds to the expanding the capabilities of Instagram Stories, allowing business and personal accounts to get their following engaging by asking them a question. There are no preset questions, these can be whatever the viewer of the story wants to send. Question, answers and the handle of question master can then be posted as a new story. All seems fine? Until numerous users didn’t realise their questions were not anonymous. As embarrassing as Gemma Collins falling through the floor at the BBC Teen Awards, red-faced users took to Twitter to share their anguish. Although, even with initiating a wave of fear amongst some the new feature appears to be growing in popularity with brands and personal accounts.

With no nasty surprises, a second feature rolled out in July works towards aiding conversations.

You can already see when personal accounts are active on Instagram, but now you can see if they’re active on the app and therefore available to chat. A green dot will appear next to their profile image in the inbox section. This will only be available to accounts you follow and you can turn this feature off for your account. So with the feature easily turned off you might wonder why Instagram launched it?! Our thoughts are that it enables users to see when their following is online, allowing them to have more real-time conversations and help strengthen their inbox facilities.

Facebook it’s not you, it’s GPDR

GDPR dominated the first half of this year, so much so that a ‘Now That’s What I Call GDPR’ playlist even appeared on Spotify. Whilst the biggest result of GDPR was that people no longer had to receive ‘spammy’ emails, Facebook has also announced they have felt the effect.  Across Europe 1 million users when prompted to confirm if they wished to remain with the platform chose to leave. Although only a small dent in the combined worldwide active monthly users of the 2.23 billion, it does show a large number of users are turning away from the world’s biggest social media platform. It has also been announced that there has been a 3 million drop in daily users across Europe. Hopefully, their recent TV campaign will aid in fixing what is turning users away from the platform.

Love Island

Dani Dyer number two and #Loyal have taken over the Tunafish office for the past 8 weeks and have dominated our phones.

You don’t have to be a fan or viewer of the ITV show to have been exposed to shows biggest year to date. All because of social media. This year the hashtag #LoveIsland has been used more than 7.8million times alone on Twitter, reactive memes have flooded Instagram and well-targeted paid ads have had us spending more and more. Sadly (for some) the TV reality powerhouse is over for this year but the marketing strategy behind the villa will have us talking about it for some time. Although ten brands have exclusive sponsorships, countless other brands have hijacked the hype with tremendous effects, and even one clothing line had to issue a ‘sorry not sorry’ style post due to their reactive post. To gain more insight into the marketing strategy behind this summer’s biggest show, read our blog by Harriet Tuite.

Instagram Rich List

Last month the BBC announced their top paid stars, but a similar earnings list was released generating many conversations. A list of the top influential celebrities and their estimated cost per post has been released showing the true cost behind influencer marketing. No surprise to anyone to see that the Kardashian/Jenner clan are dominating the top places and the youngest of the famous siblings is taking home the most for the likes. Kylie’s estimated fee per post is $1m (£760K) to reach her following of 112m makes her top of the list, whilst sister Kim ranks fourth with a cost of $750k per post (£545k) and Khloe $484,000 (£368,000). The list published by Hopper HQ didn’t rank any British stars in the top 10, however, David Beckham did rank at number 12. Influencer marketing is undoubtedly on the rise and the release of this list shows a small insight into how high profile celebrities are monetising their accounts in order to be involved.

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