June Social Roundup

June Social Roundup

Instagram goes for the hat-trick:

Over the past few months, Instagram has rolled out a number of updates. Each one making the social platform much more than just a photo sharing app. The latest two updates of IGTV and Instagram video call shows just how much importance the business is putting on video and social media.


Announced as their ‘most exciting feature to-date’ IGTV will allow users to watch full-length videos with no restrictions. Unlike the usual video format, these are viewed full screen and can be longer than 60 seconds. In this space, content can take the form of a series, how to videos and documentary style which is difficult to produce and push currently on the app. Brands, content curators and users are all able to upload content and have been since the update launched. Find out more and see how Instagram released the feature here.

Instagram TV

Instagram Video Calling:

Proving that they can really do it, Instagram has now launched their video calling service. Up to 4 users can be involved in one call and the call can be minimized to allow users to carry on using the app. The function to block and mute users from calling is also available.

Not surprising then that with regular updates, Instagram hit 1 billion active monthly users in June. From the reported 800 million in  September 2017, the platform now has 1 billion monthly active users. This may seem like nothing in comparison to Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users, but Instagram’s growth rate is higher and the platform has never been more popular. The new features they keep adding also shows the potential for more brands to utilise the platform, which will only result in more consumers to add to their monthly tally.

As DJ Khaled would say…..Another One…for Facebook

As perhaps another attempt to fix their brand image, Facebook is further promoting their ‘meaningful interactions’ with their latest tool. ‘Your Name on Facebook’ will allow users for the first time to monitor in the app how much time is spent on the platform. Whereas before users on the app could only track time manually or with a third party app, soon this can be done whilst on Facebook. Although Facebook and other platforms are reporting growth in new accounts and active monthly users, the negative effects of social media are causing some users to question their consumption and time allocated. By monitoring how much time a user spends on the platform, it’s hoped more meaningful time is spent as opposed to too much wasted time. How will it look? The unreleased version of the tool looks simple and includes a daily breakdown of time spent each day, see here. There is also the ability to set reminders which will notify the user if they reach a limit set by themselves. With more and more users becoming disengaged and to choosing to disconnect from social media, this approach by Facebook may be a look into how the future….

Snapchat helps you fight the fear

You press send and then it hits you, you’ve sent the wrong message to the wrong group. We’ve all done it, and we all feel the fear after doing so. However, Snapchat’s new update will help you fight that fear.

Previously messages would no longer appear in chats once they had been read by all members. Until now.  Going back on what the app is known for, in their latest update Snapchat have made it possible for sent media to be deleted (from chats for the time being..) To delete a message, the user simply presses down on the sent message and the option to delete will appear. Other members of the group will be notified when this happens. Although only a small update in comparison to other platforms, these sorts of changes may help Snapchat to increase their all low time low user satisfaction.

Why am I seeing this ad?

Working towards ‘a more transparent’ platform, Twitter’s latest update is changing the way all ads can be viewed. Ads Transparency Centre allows users and non-users at any time to view an account’s live adverts. Following the speculation and uncertainty surrounding advertising in the US Presidential Election, this latest feature has been released. How does this work? Head to Ads Transparency Centre and here you can search all Twitter accounts and view any sponsored posts in the last 7 days. It will also show how long an ad has been running for along with the media and copy from the ad.

Who is this for? As stated this can be used by anyone but may be used by brands to gain a better understanding of their competitor’s adverts. For example, a brand can view adverts creatives and messages from their rivals and run with these ideas for their own. Adding another obstacle for advertisers on Twitter.

*Top tip* you can also do this on Facebook. Just click the dots on the advert you are seeing and then select ‘Why am I seeing this?’ it will then show you the targeting the company has used in order to show you that advert.

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