Keep Calm, It’s April Fools

Keep Calm, It’s April Fools

It’s that day once again, where every company and corporation tries to convince us all that they have a great sense of humour. Imagine if they actually made this much effort throughout the whole year! Although, I imagine It’d be like having Christmas every day – a bit of an overkill.

Last year’s April Fools antics were… interesting, to say the least. Brands and companies use April Fools as a snazzy little marketing tool, and who can blame them? It gives people a laugh AND pushes their brand to the masses! What could possibly go wrong? Let’s have a little prance down memory lane and discuss the absolute shambles that was last year’s April Fools.

Last Year’s Antics

Top of the list is when Coca-Cola tried to convince us that they had created a new range of ‘Zero Sugar’ coke that included the tastes of Avocado, Sourdough, and Charcoal. It was meant to be a dig at so-called ‘Millenials’ and their extravagant tastes. Very original.

Another fan favourite has to be Google Maps with their ‘Where’s Waldo’ (or Wally) joke. The general premise of this particular ‘prank’ was that the infamous Waldo (Wally) was hiding across the globe and you had to find him – sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it? Yet highly entertaining. To be honest, I kind of wished that this was an all-year-round type of thing because that would be amazing.

This Year’s Shambles

And it all comes back round to today. This very day where so many brands hop on the banter train to promote engagement on their oh so funny ‘pranks’. To be honest, I’ve seen quite a few clever jokes today which is almost refreshing on this awful day of cringe.

So far I’ve witnessed Mcdonald’s ‘launching’ their new pickle burger, filled to the brim with everyone’s favourite vegetable, Strongbow with their brand new Dark Fruits scent named “Fruit Noir” and the ultimate bant from Boots with their Ageing night cream.

It’s All About the Marketing

Shock horror, April Fools is just one big, massive marketing ploy to encourage brand awareness! Who knew?! Only everyone, ever. I’m not going to sit here and explain to you how it works or even how I know because it’s right there in front of our very eyes – we all see them trying their absolute most to pull in those numbers. I see you, girl.

Anyway, let’s just scoot over the why and let’s concentrate on the how. Does it work? Is it even worth the extra effort? First off, it shows that your brand has a human brain behind the continuous humdrum of corporation life. I personally feel that a good laugh every now and then can’t hurt anyone, especially in this day and age. Not only that but if you actually pull off a decent prank then you’re brand awareness will most definitely increase organically, which will do wonders for your social media campaign. Just please try to stay away from lame pranks, no one wants that on their feed.

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