Lost for words? Why your next blog title is never far from your fingertips

Lost for words? Why your next blog title is never far from your fingertips

Despite what their parents might have attempted to teach them, people do tend to ‘judge a book by its cover’. For this reason, no matter how well-crafted your next piece of written content is, it could reach surprisingly few people if its title is overly stuffy and monotonous.

Regularly updating a blog can reap dividends for fuelling continued interest in your business. However, whether you are trying to devise a title for your next blog article or the blog on which it will appear, you must get it right to avoid frittering away your chances of gaining valuable clicks.

What topics will – or does – your blog cover?

As advised on the jeffbullas.com website, you should take a pen and paper before writing down the topics you anticipate your next blog covering. You should note pretty much anything and everything springing to mind; for example, while a blog on recreational cycling will touch on subjects like bikes and helmets, you could also go into more technical topics like echelons and aerodynamics.

While most of the words you do write here might not inspire any solid ideas for titles, you could hold off despondency by circling a few promising terms and then considering other factors about the blog. These could include its editorial tone, target audience and competitors.

Coming up with a suitable blog title

You might want to form a whole new blog for your business – perhaps because its existing blog is too formal and so you could benefit from something more vibrant… or vice versa. Whatever the reason, you should try combining some of the terms that you have previously written down.

In doing so, you could inadvertently come up with an excellent title for that blog, although you should check that you can source it as a domain name. With a new blog at the ready, you can proceed to write its first post – the I Wanna Be a Blogger site has various pieces of advice on how to do so.

When the mine of blog post title inspiration has run dry

This can too easily happen if you have regularly updated your blog for a while and seem to have covered every single subject imaginable in the blog’s remit. However, the important word here is “seem”; you might have to just dig a little harder to get the tap running again, so to say.

Taking to social media to share links to your blog content can work well in a promotional sense. However, when preoccupied social media users only have the time to initially judge the content from its title, you could needlessly handicap yourself by settling for an uninteresting one.

Fortunately, the jeffbullas.com website includes various tips for writing catchy blog post titles capable of spurring a flurry of clicks. Keep titles succinct – fewer than 55 characters – but with punchy adjectives like ‘brilliant’, ‘incredible’ and ‘painstaking’.

On your behalf, we could write the content itself before, as part of our social media marketing services, sharing that content across leading social media platforms.

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