My Week at Tunafish Media

My Week at Tunafish Media

My Week at Tunafish 

For a sixth form student that’s used to 9am-3pm days where we do the same three subjects on a daily basis, gaining experience in a field which interests me seemed like a refreshing change. As I’m studying three A-Levels which don’t necessarily fit the career path I would like to take, I decided it would be best for me to experience an environment which I can see myself in towards the near future (especially with the ever-growing use of social media and a large variety of career opportunities within the field).

I researched companies based in Manchester and came across Tunafish Media which specialised in video production and strategic social campaigns. Despite my misconception of work being extremely rigid and intimidating, the Tunafish team all seemed very flexible, relaxed and welcoming.

What I Was Doing

Throughout the week, I was given a range of tasks. My first task consisted of researching other local media company Instagram profiles and seeing how Tunafish could take aspects of other profiles and adapt theirs to make it more up to date, exciting and eye-catching to the public. I identified a range of things which could better an Instagram profile such as:

  • Including other social media platform links and company website link in the bio
  • Sticking to a theme or colour scheme to make your page unique to your company and easily identifiable 
  • Working alongside and promoting campaigns such as mental health organisations
  • Celebrating your local community and culture 
  • Working with celebrities and advertising this 

This task taught me how effective adapting your profile can be and how it can improve public perceptions of a company. Comparing pages of different media companies made Tunafish stand out to me as it fits most of the criteria that I created concerning what would make an Instagram profile successful.

Looking into the Tunafish website and social media profiles, one thing that stood out to me was how involved all members of the team were. They seem as if they are a community of people who all work together and celebrate successes. Along with this, I believe the accounts were all utilised to the advantage of the clients and the public with it being easy and clear to understand with all information displayed professionally.

My Second Day

My second day I was tasked with writing blogs and posting on social media for online companies such as SubbyNetwork and Together Property Management. I thoroughly enjoyed this as I really like writing especially for a purpose and writing blogs and learning the type of appropriate language to use really interests me. Finding content to post was slightly challenging at first as construction companies aren’t something I’m familiar with, but I quickly got the hang of it and queued multiple posts over the week.

I then completed the Google Digital Garage ‘The fundamentals of Digital Marketing’ course. This consisted of 26 courses with an assessment at the end which needed 80% to pass. I did each course and passed the assessment at the end, leaving me with a certificate to say I have successfully completed the course. This was particularly challenging as I have never studied digital marketing prior to the work placement at Tunafish but I found it extremely helpful and informative.  

Their Previous Work

Researching into the work that Tunafish have done, I was most interested in how they run social media pages for restaurants like The Shack in Manchester’s Northern Quarter as well as online businesses like Bean&Pod, to increase the number of people that it reaches, brand awareness and increase in website traffic and online sales. Tunafish encourages huge successes for businesses and assist them with running social media accounts and then the continuation of the promotion of brands over time.

Tunafish also worked on the promotion of Salford University by filling all clearing spaces and this showed me the range of jobs that they take on and the ability to adapt to all different tasks with having different members of staff specialising in different roles but then being able to come together in a project, combining lots of different ideas which I witnessed when sitting in on a Tunafish ideas meeting.

Overall, I Loved My Time at Tunafish Media

Whilst being on my work placement here at Tunafish Media, I have really enjoyed the independence. At Sixth Form, we are guided by teachers constantly which doesn’t represent the independence necessary for work. Office based jobs have always appealed to me, as I work best in a calm but social environment where I can concentrate but also have my colleagues to work alongside. I really like the idea of working surrounded by people in an office environment in the heart of a thriving city like Manchester that offers such a diverse culture and the opportunity to work with so many different people.

I have seen first hand the amount of work which goes into this company and I know that office jobs are by no means easy. I have only ever completed one other form of work experience where I helped out in a reception class in a primary school and from that, I learned that was not the career path that I wish to undertake. However, from that experience combined with my time at Tunafish Media, I hope to have learnt a range of different skills which can be applied to multiple jobs which will come in hand in the future. 

I have loved my placement at Tunafish and it has really helped me to rule out a range of jobs which I now know don’t interest me and it has allowed me to think more clearly about the field I would love to go into. I have learnt so much in one week and I have found it really beneficial.

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