The importance of tailoring marketing plans to notable holidays

The importance of tailoring marketing plans to notable holidays

There are certain times of year when your business might routinely see a spike in sales. Obviously, florists could see their sales – ahem – blooming in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, while pumpkin sellers will probably fare well in a very particular month of the year…

However, the importance that particular holidays hold for your business will depend on its mission, products and services. Here at Tunafish, we like to take advantage of particular holidays to gain traction on our social media channels, take a look at our Valentine’s video that we posted this week.

Here are some reasons why you ought to tailor your marketing as holidays beckon.

You can build buzz well in advance

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are obviously great times for your business to launch into bargain bonanzas, but one big problem is that many of your competitors are bound to think the same thing. Fortunately, you can still get the edge on them by advertising your cut-price deals early.

You can do that by using email marketing, as explained in a Forbes article. The recipients can react by putting your store at the top of what could become a long list of intended shopping destinations.

You can remarket to prospects who ‘slip through the net’

During the fourth quarter of the year, people’s online shopping can become especially hectic for obvious reasons. Many people may visit your site and see your deals, only to then abandon the site as they become distracted by another deal being offered by one of your rivals.

However, a cookie or tracking pixel triggered when someone visits your site could enable you to advertise to that person on other sites if they have decided against making a purchase on yours.

Resist becoming overly ambitious at Christmas

Yes, Christmas is a huge opportunity to ramp your sales, and plenty of your competitors will know it. However, there remains the risk of you pouring too much money into seasonal advertising and promotions simply because this is what everyone else is doing.

Try to decide on a sensible budget for your Christmas marketing – and remember that if a particular item seems unlikely to sell, you should avoid stocking it in excessive numbers.

Consider implementing a social media content calendar

What is this? It is a tool that would assist you in planning and scheduling a range of social content in anticipation of particular holidays. With this calendar, you can decide what to publish and when.

The Content Marketing Institute says that 92% of content marketers distribute content on social media. By strategically posting the right content at the right times, you can cut through content saturation on social media to get your publicity noticed.  

Even obscure holidays can reap you big rewards

Consider not only such mainstream holidays as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day, but also ‘social media holidays’, as Hootsuite calls them. You could use the Hootsuite tool itself to show, for example, an office dog on #NationalPuppyDay or what your staff are eating on #NationalPizzaDay.

We particularly like #NationalDonutDay, but you can avoid a glaring – ahem – hole in your tailored marketing when you rope us in to help.

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