The Power of NOW

The Power of NOW

At the start of the year, we attended Virgin Media’s ‘Power of Digital’ panel event. The panel consisted of businessmen and women discussing how digital has helped them and their businesses and included Lauren Riley, Simon Swan, Stephen Mills and Hayley Sykes. The event was great and got us thinking about just how important the digital world is to us.

The average age of our office is 24 and many of us have grown up having the internet and technology at our fingertips, so we often take things for granted, only realising when the internet goes down in the office and we’re stuck with nothing to do but play the dinosaur game.

If we didn’t have the internet or the digital world it’s safe to say that we, along with many others, wouldn’t have a job. Fortunately we do, and with that, Virgin Media was right in that it brings us great power. Social media enables businesses and individuals to communicate with anyone in the world at any time, and with all of this for free, how can we use this power to do great things?

Put a face to a name or brand

You can create an online profile that enables people to get to know you, without ever meeting you. This is great for brands as it enables them to show their ‘human’ side, including what they stand for, what they like etc. These are all important details as people buy from people, so getting a face out there and talking online about your brand and business can be key in securing deals and sales.

Keeping in touch

Using social media, you can connect with anyone in the world –  you can go online and in less than 10 seconds and share your updates with your desired audience. This is a feature that we often take for granted in the digital world, but it is a vital tool for businesses to engage with their audience, respond to comments and complaints, and send out important messages at the click of a finger.

Creating content

Everyone knows that digital is extremely useful when it comes to brand awareness, but content creation is a huge element of the digital world that is ever-growing and developing. With the rise of digital, content creation is becoming more and more accessible – from teenagers to business directors, anyone can create a video, meme, gif etc. There are various apps available, some free and some paid, such as Canva, Photoshop, Premiere and Quik, that allow users full creativity and the ability to create content to share on social media with millions of people. The ease of these apps means that businesses no longer need to sit at their desk to create content, as it can now be done so easily on the go.

Having a voice

The online world provides all people with a voice to communicate with whoever they like, whenever they like. This is great for businesses and individuals to discuss real, important issues, however, this can also potentially cause problems for brands when/if things go wrong. Communicating a negative message and running the risk of creating controversy is dangerous for businesses, and one tweet can sink a brand. It is important to take a second, before posting content, to double check that your message is conveyed correctly.

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