Think Festivals, Think Skiddle

Think Festivals, Think Skiddle

On the 1st of June 2018, we launched the Skiddle Festival Takeover. The campaign involved running a surprise festival in a Manchester office for the day. The stunt was a great success with #ThinkSkiddle trending at number one in Manchester and a reach of over 7 million people.

The Idea

Skiddle approached us with a brief of increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to the website. Skiddle has a target audience who are interested in the latest gigs and festivals, so we needed to approach this brief in a unique and fun way. We pitched the idea of an office festival takeover in order to capture video content and create mass brand awareness through social media engagements that ultimately transpire into website traffic.

Putting a plan into action

Once the deal was agreed we started to plan the festival. Skiddle sourced the acts and all the finer details of the event like wristbands, whilst we got down to thinking about what else a Festival needs. We soon had a list featuring glitter artists, food, drinks, mud, tents etc., which we then started to book and purchase.

So, we had the acts, the glitter and much more, all we were missing was an office. After a quick thought as to who would be on board to let us take over their office for a day, we gave Paul Cheetham from Sedulo a call. It didn’t take long to convince Paul, and the space was confirmed.

The Deliverables

For one day only we turned the Sedulo office into a surprise festival for the employees of the business and their clients to enjoy. We captured the day’s events on camera and produced the main video and multiple social snippets, which were shared via Skiddle’s social channels and a strategic influencer network in order to promote the campaign with the #ThinkSkiddle.

We also invited the press down to the festival in order to cover the events and share it on a national level. We ended up with coverage in the MEN, Prolific North, Business Insider and many more.

The Results

The campaign was a great success, with the video receiving over 1 million views. You can view all of the results in the video below. 

Our BDM Martyn said: “As people make plans for the summer, we wanted to reinforce the message that Skiddle is a brand synonymous with good times and spontaneity.”

“A festival can be the perfect short getaway to escape the day job and we hope that’s what we’ve brought to the team at Sedulo.”

Commenting on the stunt, Jamie Scahill, Skiddle’s Head of Marketing, said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to stage this festival stunt and transform the Sedulo offices into a festival for the day. Believe me, it has been no mean feat! Keeping this stunt a secret and ensuring the festival runs without a hitch has taken hundreds of hours of planning and organisation – we are delighted with the results.”

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