Time to Turn Off Your Out of Office

Time to Turn Off Your Out of Office

This week is officially the end of the school summer holidays, but aside from that, it’s also the end of the busiest time for work holidays too. With that in mind, we have put together our top tips for when you turn your out of office off and get back to work after your summer breaks.

12 tips to have a successful first day back at work

Read your emails the day before going back to work. By doing this you can star the important ones and then deal with these first when you’re back in the office.

Clear up your computer. This will stop you having lots of random files all over your desktop and downloads. Getting rid of useless images and files feels like a spring clean and will help you get ready and organised for getting back to work.

Divide your first day up. If you section your day in your head to the following: colleagues, emails, goal setting, strategic breaks, will ensure you are eased back into a simple structure on your first day back in the office which you can then push on from the rest of the week (Lots of coffee helps too!)

Create a to-do list. This should be of things you need to chase or check immediately when back in the office. Then from that list create a list of jobs that are ranked in priority/order of importance so you can tackle them in the correct way. This also helps make your workload feel manageable.

Get in early before everyone else. This way, you have some peace and quiet time to get through your emails and catch up on things before your work colleagues arrive and begin hounding you with questions about what you ate on what days, how hot/cold it was, and if the hotel was nice!

Get excited about going back to work. Breaks from work can help you to think of new ideas and ways to approach tasks. So use your time away to refresh and rethink then you can get back to work in order to create something cool – think of it as more opportunities to improve.

Check your calendar. Plan out in your head what the week looks like, especially any upcoming meetings. This way you are prepared for anything that might be coming your way. 

Leave a detailed handover. This should be done before you go on holiday so that everything is in order for when you get back and you’re not having to chase things.

Try and not book in any meetings. By making your calendar free for the first couple of days you’ll be able to catch up with everything that has gone on and your team.

Get everything ready the night before. Things like your clothes, lunch, etc. – so when you get up everything’s done, you just need to go.

Have catch-ups with your team. Do this as soon as possible so you’re already up to speed for the rest of your day.

Set your alarm earlier a few days before. This simple trick will help you with the getting up on your first day back. An extra bonus of buying some new stationary/organisers/planners can also help you to look forward to using something new as opposed to dreading going back.

Hopefully, some of these will help you with the transition. How do you get back into work after a holiday? Let us know your tips and tricks.

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