TOP 10 Footballers to follow on social media

TOP 10 Footballers to follow on social media

With the Premier League kicking off tonight, I thought I’d give you a rundown of which footballers you should be following on social media. Whether it’s laughs and banter, in-depth behind-the-scenes insights, or just an insight into the rich and famous sports stars living out their daily lives, these are the top 10 footballers you should be following.

10. David Luiz – davidluiz_4 

Well known for being a comedian on and off the pitch, not just because of his likeness to Sideshow Bob from the The Simpsons. He often shares photos of himself and his team up to no good, filtered faces, and wearing funny outfits!

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – iamzlatanibrahimovic@Ibra_official 

Zlatan is known to have a great sense of humour. He may come across as arrogant and big-headed to some, but with a following on Instagram alone of 38.4m, there are plenty across the world that simply loves him. A mixture of humour and promotional material, his social media channels perfectly sum up the kind of man he is.

8.Paul Pogba – paulpogba & @PaulPogba 

Fresh from his World Cup victory with France, you will currently find Pogba’s social media plastered with him cuddling the World Cup trophy like a newborn baby. Also if you want to keep up to date with Pogba’s freshest trims, then you best get following him on social. Regularly keeping his followers entertained with dance moves, dressing room antics, and his latest styles, Pogba should be on everyone’s following list.

7. Jamie Carragher – @Carra23 

Not technically a footballer anymore, however, Carragher is set to return to Sky Sports after he was suspended last season for being a bit of a naughty boy. However, his MNF (Monday Night Football) link up with Gary Neville is always guaranteed to quash those Monday blues! Always baiting Gary on Twitter, the back and forth between these two Premier League greats is one you don’t want to miss out on.

Check out Carra and G.Nev have a penalty shootout where the loser has to wear the rival shirt:

6.Gary Neville – @GNev2 

To follow on from number 7, G.Nev is a must to follow in the world of football social media. Since retiring from performing on the pitch, he’s skillfully crafted his way into punditry off the pitch. His useful insights, tips and hints are worth listening to, as he has never really been far off the mark.

5. Robert Huth – @robert_huth 

An unlikely candidate, Robert Huth is quite the comedian on his twitter feed! Regularly poking fun at Peter Crouch, and having quite the bromance with ex-teammate Jon Walters, his tweets are sure to perk up your feed.

4. Peter Crouch – @petercrouch 

Not only does he manage to take the stick from Huth, Crouchy can manage to poke fun at himself. The giant striker often refers to his tall, slim physique to mock himself, and he does it so brilliantly. Aside from poking fun at himself, you’ll find him promoting his weekly column, getting involved in conversations about robots, and sharing pictures of himself and his family.

3. Jesse Lingard – jesselingard 

Spending most of his time terrorizing Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard is quite the character. You either love him, or hate him, but to be me, he just looks like someone having an absolute ball playing football for a club he loves, with his ‘mates’. His Instagram Stories are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

2. Patrice Evra – @evra & patrice.evra 

There is only one phrase that can sum up Patrice Evra on social media. #ILoveThisGame. Uploading his Monday Motivation videos of him singing and dancing, to dressing up in wacky outfits, and being an all-around joker, if you aren’t following this guy on social media, you are missing out.

1.Benjamin Mendy – @benmendy23 

I don’t think you understand how difficult this is for me, and proud Manchester United fan, to give the title of number 1 footballer to follow on Social Media to a Manchester City player. However, I have to hand it to the man, he’s hilarious when it comes to tweeting. Another footballer who looks like he’s just loving life, his witty captions can turn any photo into a meme. I recommend having a scroll through, and within seconds you’ll find a funny tweet, a picture of him smiling from ear-to-ear, or just having an amazing time with his teammates!

So there you have it, my rundown of players to follow on social media. You will notice I have not included Ronaldo OR Messi in this list, and that’s purely because I assumed you would already be following them, and if you’re not… What are you playing at!?

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