Top 5 social media trend predictions for 2019

Top 5 social media trend predictions for 2019

However carefully you may have crafted your company’s digital marketing strategy, social media in general remains ever-changing. Hence, you need to shift your social media marketing strategy accordingly – and it’s worth taking note of trends before they even arrive.

Though we lack a crystal ball, we do have a good insight into the trends that have started to take effect – and which we can confidently expect to see blossoming much more noticeably throughout 2019.

Bosses as literally the “faces” of their businesses

We’ve passed the point where only the super-famous likes of Richard Branson and Alan Sugar are immediately recognisable in the business world. This is because many small businesses have caught on to the importance of “personal branding”, at which their own leader can be front and centre.

This approach can help to foster trust – and, therefore, loyalty – by bringing a more human, relatable element to your business, as Social Media Today explains.  

The rise of the machines – or, should we say, the chatbots

Have you noticed how, these days, using a messaging app alone can often suffice for keeping in touch with family and friends? That would give you – and likely your target customers, less incentive to head onto the main social media platforms.

This poses an obvious dilemma for your social media marketing efforts, but one possible remedy is setting up chatbots that let your brand send immediate but personalised content, as Inc. elaborates.

The continued rise of augmented reality

Thanks to initiatives such as Snapchat’s facial filters and Apple’s ARKit, the seeds of an augmented reality revolution have arguably been sown. We can expect that revolution to firmly take root, so in 2019 – you could create your own Snapchat geofilters with your company logo attached.

Are you still unconvinced of AR’s appeal? Keep in mind that, according to an estimate cited by Business 2 Community, the AR and virtual reality markets could exceed $298 billion by 2023 so it’s definitely worth getting to grips with it sooner rather than later.

Video to continue developing in surprising ways

Video is not just dominating as a social networking medium – it also seems to be taking on new, more adventurous forms as time goes on. Just look at the example of Instagram Stories, which replicates Snapchat functionality and now attracts 200 million users each month.

It remains clear, therefore, that Instagram warrants continued attention from marketers – and you shouldn’t overlook YouTube either, the popularity growth of which has continued unabated.

Short-lived videos (e.g. Instagram Stories) produce particularly good engagement results on social media due to the viewer’s sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). They make your audience feel as though they need to constantly be on the lookout for your next piece of content. But don’t forget about IGTV too! With the capacity to upload 60-minute-long videos, it breaches the gap between regular Instagram videos and YouTube. It also makes it simpler for you to keep all of your content on a mobile-based platform, allowing viewers to watch whilst they’re on the move.

Being “in the moment” with live streaming

One particular example of how video has continued to flourish in the social media sphere is live streaming. There are many exciting possibilities with this approach to video; imagine using it to announce a new product, to interview an influencer or reveal something exciting that is happening in the office. Live streaming could particularly tempt you if you are unsure about how to script or act out a non-live video, but we can help you on both counts – email us via to find out how.

There’s no doubt that 2019 holds some exciting changes in the social media landscape. We’re can’t wait to experiment with new features and help our clients utilise these new trends to reach wider audiences.  

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