How well do you know Team Tuna?

How well do you know Team Tuna?

We recently did an internal quiz to find out how much we know about one another as a team. The results came in and it turns out Sam and Harriet know us all best (see winners photo below), but how well do you know us? Below are just some of the questions from the quiz, to test how well you know Team Tuna! Feel free to comment or send us your answers and we’ll let you know how well (or badly) you did.

  1. Which Tunafish employee is a twin?
  2. Name 4 Tunafish employees who don’t have tattoos?
  3. Who had their photo in the newspaper whilst dressed like a lion?
  4. How many Manchester United fans are there in the office? 
  5. Who once hugged the Hoff?
  6. Who still has a baby tooth?
  7. Who was an extra in Ian Curtis’ film Control?
  8. Who’s 6ft2 (6ft2.5in on a good day)? 
  9. Who has been on the fastest zip wire in North America?
  10. Whose favourite colour is white?
  11. Who used to be a sponsored skater?
  12. Who plays the keyboard?
  13. Whose favourite food is chocolate?
  14. Who has terrible luck and has been hit by 2 cars and a motorbike?


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