Where to focus your social media efforts

Where to focus your social media efforts

Over the years, social media has flourished in importance as a marketing tool as more and more users have joined social networking portals. However, you should probably think twice before simply limiting your attention to big-name platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

With each social media site, different promotional tools are waiting to be effectively leveraged. Here is a rundown of how some of the sites weigh up in terms of features and functionality.


This is easily the largest social media channel, with well over two billion active users each month, according to Statista. Facebook is geared towards enabling its users to browse a range of business products and images, making it an invaluable source of targeted potential customers.

Still, you should also heed Yahoo’s advice to update your business page on Facebook daily – and the new content needs to be truly engaging and interesting, not merely marketing spiel. Success with this platform calls for considerable human and financial resources, but you could soon be rewarded.


Whereas the rather ‘walled garden’ structure of Facebook could somewhat lock away many of the people you are most eager to reach, Twitter is a much more open platform. For this reason, it especially eases its users’ communication with celebrities who could become brand ambassadors.

While recruiting a Twitter-based ‘influencer’ as an ambassador possibly won’t hurt, even without one, using hashtags can help you to keep your Tweets relevant – as long as you make good use of the character count.


It might be better for you to think of Pinterest as less a social media platform and more an elaborate, visual search engine that directs its users to other websites to help them to find what they need.

Unsurprisingly, then, it is especially primed for effective use as a business marketing tool. Business 2 Community reports that 93% of the site’s active ‘pinners’ claim to use Pinterest to plan shopping, although you should keep in mind that most of Pinterest’s user base does remain female… at least for now.


Like Pinterest, Instagram is primarily intended to facilitate its users’ sharing of images. However, in functionality, it might be best described as an image-focused version of Twitter, given that the captions can often carry nearly as much importance as the images to which they are attached.

Although 30% of the site’s users have bought a product that they initially saw there, many posts attract few views in the first place. Posting riveting content is therefore essential.


If your organisation offers products or services aimed at the business market, an account on the professional networking site LinkedIn is a must. The aims of its 500 million users include seeking new business opportunities and building reputations; your products might be able to assist with both.

However, promotional success with LinkedIn can, as with any other social media site, depend on a clever strategy. On your firm’s behalf, our staff can craft such a strategy for use with LinkedIn or any of the other, less formal social media sites mentioned in this article.

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