Why a social media audit could kick start your most effective campaign yet

Why a social media audit could kick start your most effective campaign yet

It’s no secret that social media marketing has increased significantly. So significantly, that it may seem too much of a difficult task for the average business to take on. An audit could be one way to solve this problem.

Simple steps can make a surprisingly big difference

If your company’s social media accounts seem to have reached a plateau in visits and engagement, you might wonder how you are supposed to break the deadlock. You could learn how to do this surprisingly quickly after launching a social media audit. 

Even such basic steps as updating your details, reviewing the content and analysing the audience demographics on those accounts will “make a huge difference when it comes to your future social media success”, says Tech.Co – but you might still benefit from further honing your techniques.

You should engage, not just post

Tempting though it can be to treat a social media page as an online notice board where you regularly post new information about your firm’s offerings, it should really be about more than this. People want to interact with brands, not just consume their content.

You can foster productive interaction by replying to customer complaints, running fun competitions, and chatting to social media influencers promoting your offerings – and those are just a few ideas.

You can closely monitor the right metrics

On social media, it can be too easy for a company to become seduced by vanity metrics. These are figures that initially look good on-screen but are failing to translate into meaningful improvements to your company’s bottom line.

Therefore, when the likes and retweets roll in, you should remember to direct your social media followers towards service pages. You can then see which of your posts seem to be the most effective at converting interest into sales.

You might need to optimise your images and videos more effectively

Some of the images and videos you choose for inclusion on your social media pages might look good at first. Hence, it’s important to prime them for maximum social success.

They should not only be suitably branded, but also come with clear descriptions and a clear CTA, says Business 2 Community. CTA means “call to action”, which should be included alongside a link to the website advertising the product or service.

Some social media challenges could be beyond you

Sometimes, we might measure our success in something only to realise that, well… we are in over our heads. You can easily feel this way when trying to keep track of the often-changing algorithms of social media. But why not task our team with helping to make that chase feel appreciably easier for you?

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