Why Going Viral Shouldn’t Be Your End Goal

Why Going Viral Shouldn’t Be Your End Goal

We’ve all been there. You’re sat in a creative meeting at work and an incredible, out of the box idea pops into your mind. With glee, you share your idea with the team. “Let’s try and get this to go viral!”.
You receive blank, unforgiving stares in response.

If you’ve found yourself in this compromising situation, then it’s probably best that you don’t suggest this ever again. Why? Our digital marketing team will explain.

What Does ‘Viral Content’ Mean?

Viral content refers to videos and memes that become widespread across the internet. It can be anything from the classic Spongebob memes to old Vine references. Back in the day, these ‘viral’ videos included absolute classics like ‘Charlie bit my finger’ and ‘Leeerooyyyyyy Jennkkiinnnns’.

These videos would then circle the internet, gathering momentum with each view, share and comment. When Vine arrived, comedic short-form content was changed forever. We still mourn the loss of this brilliant app to this day, with plenty of video apps taking over (cough, TikTok, cough).

It’s Not a Foolproof Strategy

Just hoping for something to go viral is not a good plan for your campaign. First off, ‘going viral’ isn’t something that you can plan. There is no rhyme or reason to why something goes viral, it just does. There is no ‘secret algorithm’ and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through their teeth!

Remember this: Going viral is the exception and not the rule. Focus on creating a solid campaign that is supported by facts and research instead of false expectations and useless vanity metrics. 

The Negatives Of Going Viral

People usually say ‘Any publicity is good publicity’. This is where these people are wrong. Sure, going viral would give you access to a larger audience, meaning that you get more brand awareness. However, a larger audience doesn’t necessarily mean you’re targeting the right people. If anything, it could be a recipe for disaster.

For example, viral content can go one of two ways. It COULD get you noticed, make people laugh and get a lot of shares and create excitement across the internet. However, it could also entice a negative uproar, causing your brand to sink in people’s opinions and finish your campaign quicker than you can say ‘viral content’. 

What You Should Aim For

Instead of creating bizarre and unachievable KPI’s for your digital marketing team to achieve, you should be focusing on the cold, hard facts. By this I mean understanding your audience, knowing what they want and how you’re going to attract them as consumers. 

What you should be aiming for is structured, tailored content that suits your target audience, instead of one-off pieces of content that’ll be quickly swept under the rug after the whole hoopla subsides. Think about the why, where and how. Why will your audience be interested? Where are they most likely to engage? How are you going to attract them?

Need Help From Our Manchester-based Digital Marketing Team?

We understand that tensions can run high when planning a social media strategy, especially when trying to agree on the best course of action that suits you and your business. That’s where our in-house digital marketing team can help!

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