Why Manchester is a great place to live

Why Manchester is a great place to live

Dynamic, unique and active, Manchester can mean many things to different people and some argue it’s one of the most captivating areas in the UK.

Not only is Manchester the home of the industrial revolution, it also has an extensive history with the worlds of science, politics, music, art and sports. Implementation of these great histories into present developments of Manchester has resulted in some of the treasures that make the city unique. Manchester has highlighted its creativity through the “Bee in the City” project where more than 100 bees that had been individually designed to represent the unique feel of Manchester that was created by the iconic music scene.

One of the many great things about Manchester is the endless choices in terms of restaurants, museums and galleries and the other variety of experiences. Greater Manchester is a prime example of the different welcoming atmospheres that can be experienced as you walk through the lively city or through the peaceful green areas. What Manchester has to offer is endless, this including events such as the Manchester International Festival and the notorious Manchester Christmas Markets and a full calendar of other diverse events all year round.

Current developments:

Manchester is constantly developing itself in order to keep up with the modern world. St Michael’s is one of the current developments within Manchester, it’s said to alter the skyline of Manchester as well as gift valuable features to the city. Similar to Manchester this building is unique as it has a range of purposes such as a synagogue, a leisure centre, a rooftop garden and a hotel. St Michael’s will be located in Albert Square as it is seen as an underappreciated area but that should all change.

The Architects’ Journal

The Bauer Millett showroom located near Deansgate Locks has a distinct shape and is located next to the tram line and electricity substation, however, despite these features it will now be developed into a new residential skyscraper that holds 40 storeys and will be neighbouring a 14 storey office block. This residential skyscraper will hold up to 375 apartments, the new residents will be living in “Found Space” that is fitted with a staircase and an elevator to be accessible for all. Residents can find the entrance to this new development by the Great Bridgewater Street tunnel, which has additional shops in its arches. These new shops may increase the popularity of the tunnel as well as the popularity of Found Space as residents can conveniently go to the shops on their way in and out.

A new development, Circle Square, will be a large development at the BBC’s old headquarters on Oxford Road. This will include a 37 storey residential skyscraper as well as offices, a new public square and an 18 storey block that holds 400 serviced apartments on Charles Street for students. People neighbouring this bronze block did object to this at the beginning as they were concerned that it would turn into a party central however themselves and the council were quickly reassured that this block will be aimed at the postgraduate and international market so it will remain a peaceful and interesting area to all.

Circle Square: Manchester

Another development is Nickel and Dime which are an identical pair of towers built on each side of Water Street. This modified duo will be identical in every way but as the names suggest one will be glazed in silver and one copper. These two modern 36 storey buildings will be holding more than 600 apartments and will be next to the border of lively Salford so residents can enjoy the sights of Salford without being far from home.

The best places to live in Manchester


Being named the biggest commercial district in Manchester does make it a great place to work. Not only is it filled with job opportunities Spinningfields also makes it easier to relax with some of Manchester’s best restaurants and bars such as The Oast House with its infamous beer garden or The Dockyard to get that weekend feeling. Spinningfields also offers retail therapy with an impressive range of shops from Mulberry to Armani and many more to choose from.

Spinningfields can attract so many people with its different features but some features like the ice rink that gets us into the festive mood are especially enticing. If you are in the mood for something more warm and relaxing Spinningfields also offers Screenfields, where the area is turned into an amazing outdoor cinema for all to enjoy.  Most recently the location has had its 20th anniversary and to commemorate that occasion benches were added around to connote the peaceful and relaxing element as well as to express the different characteristics of the original development.

Insider Media

Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is widely known as the home of originality and creativity with all its independent shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. A prime example of this innovative attitude is Affleck’s Palace, which provides a great outlet for independent designers and businesses as well as interesting cafes that offer weird and wonderful foods. Not only is the Northern Quarter the place to go for affordable and uplifting clothes, food and trinkets, it is also home to some of the best music shops. Piccadilly Records, Vinyl Exchange and Eastern Block are just a few of the best that sell great music including Manchester’s own and of course vinyl records. There is a variety of bars and eateries with delicious foods and unique atmospheres to ensure a great time.

On Salmon Street in the Northern Quarter, there is said to be a new seven storey building that will be used for retail accommodation as well as a residency building. The block will hold ten studio apartments and a roof terrace for residents and be accompanied by a car park. This new design will play a part in the continuous development of Manchester and try to accommodate the needs of younger people that enjoy living and working in the city. The terrace can act as a place of leisure for the residents and a sense of community, which is always promoted in Manchester, highlighting the excitement of living the city life.



Ancoats is an energetic area that is constantly being updated with new restaurants and cafes opening around every corner, you would be spoilt for choice. An interesting feature of Ancoats is that it is home to arguably the best pizza in Manchester, Rudy’s has been crowned the best, and it is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the area. Ancoats also has an independent theatre that brings new and amazing experiences for an audience that appreciates the smaller and independent productions. Like all great places in Manchester Ancoats has an array of shops from high-end brands to quaint independent shops to be kept busy with.

Ancoats will be experiencing a new development called Murrays Mills, which is offering the best new build technology into the older materials to produce 24 one bedroom, 86 two bedroom and 14 three bedroom houses. The development will be completed in September 2018 and will create a community within the centre of Ancoats.

Manchester Evening News

Green Quarter

The Green Quarter like the Northern Quarter is a lively and unique area. It is one of the best places to go if you are looking for new places to discover. RedbankCo should definitely be on the list to visit as it hosts the Redbank Parade, where the streets will be packed with singing DJs and music from upcoming artists. All bars will be open to trying drinks from local breweries. The sense of community is amazing along with its vibrancy create a great atmosphere around the area.

GreenGate Manchester is a development within the Green Quarter and it’s the first new private rented arrangement that is not London, which offers exclusive city living that is completely caring for your needs. Residents of GreenGate will benefit from a 24-hour concierge, a gym, courtyard, lounge, parking spaces and guests rooms if family or friends are visiting.

The Quays

Live theatre, amazing views and one of the UK’s best museums are just a few things about what the Quays has to offer. The Lowry is an example of the beautiful architecture around Salford, and with something to engage everyone. The BBC tours are great to explore what MediaCityUK has to offer. Not only are the experiences a once in a lifetime opportunity but if it is leisure you desire Salford has a great variety of shops for all ages.

Salford Quays is planning a development for a thousand waterfront homes, which will also include new bars and restaurants. This new development is more than eight acres of waterfront land and is an amazing opportunity that will be a great place to live. This new project will also create a community atmosphere due to the new neighbourhood. This development is ideal for people who need good transport links.

The Lowry


Close enough to feel part of the urban city lifestyle yet just far enough away to experience suburban life. Didsbury has for a long time been a popular residential hotspot. A mix of generations have flocked and set routes in the area, from young professionals to those seeking solace in retirement. Arguably divided into two popular neighbourhoods, West Didsbury and Didsbury Village boast different lures to those choosing to relocate. However, no matter which side you call home independent bars and restaurants, local markets, a National Trust park are all easily accessible.

Located alongside the Sir William Siemens House building, PJ Livesey is creating the latest development in the suburb. Green Walk, launching October 2018, will bring a contemporary development hosting 3,4 and 5 bedroom townhouses. Apartments will also be available, offering accommodation types for all housing requirements. An ideal location to enjoy all of the benefits Didsbury life has to offer.


Perhaps known as the coolest of the South Manchester suburbs, Chorlton has risen and still remains a sought after location. The bar and restaurant buzz of city location areas married with the quirkiness of hipster lifestyle and the relaxed pace of life are just some reasons why Manchester is witnessing growth here. Young professionals and young families live side by side and reap the benefits of living here. Each year Chorlton plays host to the Chorlton Beech Road Festival, Arts Festival, Chorlton Big Green Happening and much more. Also, Chorlton Park offers tranquillity and escapism, showcasing the area does have it all.

Chorlton Plaza is one of the latest schemes to offer a range of 1 and 2-bed apartments. The refurbished development is designed specifically for the modern day lifestyle of young city professionals and those looking to buy their first home. Perfectly situated in the heart of the area, homes are located near green spaces, eateries and bars. An expected completion date of the beginning of 2019.

Manchester Bars

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