Why storytelling should be an essential part of your marketing strategy

Why storytelling should be an essential part of your marketing strategy

It would be at your own peril that you underestimate the power of storytelling for your business strategy. For centuries, telling stories has been an instrumental part of the human experience, and engaging stories continue to be regularly told as a means of teaching invaluable life lessons.

You might have noticed that a truly riveting and inspirational story is often behind a big-name business. Here are various reasons why your own business should tap into engrossing storytelling.

The clearer the story, the better the marketing strategy

While your business is bound to have its own story that could be told in a truly inspiring way, you may often struggle to cross this particular hurdle. Ideas, visions and dreams that seem grandiose in your head could look convoluted and muddled when put on paper.

However, by learning to tell its story clearly and effectively, your business can organise its content in a clear-to-follow way. In turn, helping to clear the complexity that might have shrouded your firm’s vision.

A human, heartfelt story is often a profitable one

The story of a successful brand is often tied with that of a visionary who sought to change the world. Apple and Tesla, for example, are both lasting legacies of their respective co-founders, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Do you want to just provide a product or service, or work towards a vision?

As Forbes explains, people are often drawn towards investing in humans rather than companies – and for this reason, a strong ethical strategy can prove a wise financial move as well.

Storytelling can differentiate your firm from the crowd

Given the tens of millions of articles created and shared around the web every day, it can prove understandably difficult for a company to stand out. However, good storytelling can prove the key that opens this stubbornly shut door.

You should remember that customers’ decision-making tends to rely much more heavily on emotion than logic – and it is your customers’ emotions to which you can appeal with your storytelling.

Your customers can recognise themselves in the story

Simply listing a particular product’s benefits and features can add up to a rather soulless experience for the consumer. However, storytelling can give them a more in-depth understanding of that product, by showing them how other people in their position have benefitted from it.

Imagine how, through the medium of video, you could show a potential customer ways in which your product has enriched other people’s lives for the better and in the long term. 

You can avoid a ‘salesy’ approach

Key to the beauty of the storytelling approach is that in following it, you can avoid lapsing into the dreaded ‘salesy’ language that so often deters customers.

Descending into such language is an especially common error among marketers, says AllBusiness.com. However, our video production services here at Tunafish Media can provide content that conveys your messages with appropriate resonance and subtlety, as we can explain further if you call us on 0161 237 9680.

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