Why video is the key for Influencers and Brands

Why video is the key for Influencers and Brands

These days, to say that video content is taking the online world by storm is hardly news. You might already watch YouTube videos on your phone during the morning commute or on Facebook, checking out live video streams of your favourite bands performing.

It’s no surprise that some experts cited by ‘Social Media Today’ believe that, before long, video will be responsible for 80% of the online content that we consume. However, what could surprise you is the people who increasingly take to the spotlight in front of the camera…

The rise of the “influencer”

You might already be familiar with the word “influencer”. It has become more prominent in marketing, as influencers have gained popularity across social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, gathering millions of followers along the way.

Considering that, with each post or tweet, influencers are now attracting the kinds of audiences that would make TV advertisers jealous. Because of this, it isn’t a surprise that more and more marketers have taken notice. Many of them could also be pleasantly surprised by the accessibility of many influencers.

While the most popular influencers can unsurprisingly command high prices for their services, many businesses can still turn to “micro-influencers”. Not that they should be deemed a last resort; though their follower counts tend to be fewer than 10,000, those followers tend to be dedicated.

Furthermore, many micro-influencers have developed expertise in a specific niche – meaning that, if your business does find the right influencer, the promotional returns can be immense. This leaves open the question of exactly how influencers are reaching out to their audiences.

The magic ingredient of video

Perhaps a more important question could be exactly how influencers should reach out to those audiences. Those influencers could advocate particular brands or products; in one study reported by Forbes, 63% of respondents aged between 13 and 24 indicated their willingness to sample a brand or product on a YouTube content creator’s recommendation.

Just 48% of the same demographic in that survey said that a film or TV star, a more traditional celebrity, would influence them in the same way. The power of the influencer is often in their authenticity, as they do not always seem as in thrall to PR strategies as typical celebrities do.

Where does the importance of video come into all of this? The increasing sway of live video should be taken into consideration. While YouTube has been a traditional domain of live video, Facebook and Instagram have also joined the party.

Compared to standard video content, which can come across as overly staged, live video can appear more authentic and ephemeral. Through adding live video to your marketing strategy, you can increase your brand’s perceived trustworthiness – especially if an already relatable influencer is at the fore of your live video content.

If your marketing presence needs a little extra polish, our video production services could provide exactly that polish, whatever type of video you happen to have in mind.

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