Why your company should focus on quality over quantity when planning its 2019 marketing strategy

Why your company should focus on quality over quantity when planning its 2019 marketing strategy

Naturally, a New Year is a time for making and pursuing New Year resolutions. – and, in attempting to steer your company towards greater promotional success, there is one simple resolution that you particularly ought to follow. That resolution is to prioritise quality over quantity with your marketing.

For various good reasons, you might perceive working towards this particular goal as much easier said than done. However, it remains worth the perseverance – and here is why…

The numbers are heavily stacked against you

In many ways, a strategy of forgoing a carefully polished marketing campaign in favour of releasing a flood of cobbled-together adverts can be doomed from the start. Forbes has shared several figures which shed light on the stark reality of this situation.

According to research cited by the news site, the average consumer could see at least 5,000 ads in 590 minutes spent consuming media in just one day. However, the number of these ads which they note – let alone engage with – is much lower. The former number is 153, while the latter is a measly 12.

These gaping discrepancies help to explain why, when it comes to spreading marketing content, its quantity counts for much less than you might have initially assumed. Hence, you should tailor your marketing to connect with a specifically defined audience.  

You need to know your worthy target audience

At your fingertips, you might already have a wealth of in-depth information about how many people are visiting your site, from which parts of the world, and when. Nonetheless, understanding your audience is far from merely a numbers game – there is a distinct art to go with the science.

Ultimately, the people visiting your site are exactly that: people. For this reason, it would be beneficial for you to establish a firm relationship with them – and you can do that by interacting with them through your content. There are many creative ways in which you can do this.

Here at Tunafish Media, we can professionally produce videos to convey your company’s messages. Those videos can then be shared across your social platforms and YouTube, hopefully to a flurry of productive comments and conversations.

You must provide what your audience want

As you converse with your consumers, you can develop a greater understanding of why they reach out to you. Your content might be helping them to solve problems; alternatively, it might simply make them laugh.

Inc. acknowledges that many businesses can be deterred from taking their time to create fewer pieces of content. After all, it would entail them “paying more for less”. However, this belief would be based on a flawed metric for determining “less”.

At Tunafish, we can generate a large variety of content – including infographics, video, and written content for blog posts – which you can subsequently share to promising effect. Take a look around our website to find out more about our social media marketing services.

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